Basic makeup course

Discover the world of make-up with JDO Academy’s Basic Make-up Class and experience the magic of make-up. This training is also ideal for hairdressers!

Basis visagie training JDO Academy

Course desccription

Do you want to be introduced to the field of makeup or are you a hairdresser or beautician looking to expand your services? Then immerse yourself in the world of makeup with this 3-day course, JDO Academy’s Basic Make-up Class.

Teach yourself essential makeup techniques in a short amount of time and create both a natural look and an evening look. Guided by experienced instructors who are active in the field, you will not only get hands-on experience, but also an inside look at whether a career as a makeup artist is for you.

This training is an introduction to the field. Do you want to become a professional makeup artist? Then we recommend our complete training course the Make-Up Artist Class.

Personal attention through small classes

Certificate CRBKO registered

Hands-on experience

Discount on continuing education

What you will learn

Basic make-up training JDO Academy
Make-up en hairstyling opleidingen van JDO Academy

Included in this course

Please note: material and models are not included. Read the options below under ‘costs’!

Teaching Program

This makeup workshop is designed for newcomers to the field. In 3 engaging sessions, you will be introduced to a range of essential aspects, from basic materials and techniques to creating specific looks and working with various skin types.

Visagie voor kappers training JDO Academy

Make-up as an added value for hairdressers

In the dynamic world of beauty and grooming, it is essential to continue to develop yourself and diversify your service offerings. Adding makeup to your skills sets you apart and also offers clients a more complete experience.

Are you already working in the beauty industry? If so, makeup not only increases customer satisfaction, but also offers the chance for increased revenue through cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. The Basic Make-up Class is your first step to embracing this golden opportunity in the beauty industry.

Basis visagie cursus JDO Academy

Start dates of the basic makeup course

We offer multiple start dates throughout the year so you can begin at a time that is most convenient for you. Refer to this page or contact us for the next available start dates and take your first step into the world of professional make-up.

During the day



Jdo academy make-up en hairstyling school
Jdo academy make-up en hairstyling school
Jdo academy make-up en hairstyling school
Make-up team JDO Academy


At JDO Academy, we see makeup not only as a technical skill, but also as a reflection of your unique vision and creativity. In your introduction to makeup, you will encounter challenges, which is why our guidance during classes is personal and customized.

Our teachers are there not only to teach you the first intricacies of the profession, but also to help you. And if you need additional guidance, our in-house coach is there to help you find your way in both your professional and personal development.

Further learning

Do you have a taste for it after this workshop and are curious about the deeper layers of the make-up world? Then the Make-up Artist Class course is waiting for you. This advanced course dives deeper into the techniques and knowledge essential to understanding, correcting and accentuating each facial feature. Because every face is unique, this class will help you give each individual appropriate advice and enhance their beauty.

Moreover, if you have already taken the Basic Make-up Class with us, you can benefit from €200 discount on the follow-up course. This way we keep encouraging you to push your boundaries and make your dreams as a makeup artist come true.

Make-up opleidingen van JDO Academy


The total tuition for the course is €699, with a deposit of €199 required as an application fee when registering. This registration fee will then be deducted from the total tuition.

JDO Academy is a recognized educational institution, therefore the tuition fee is exempt from VAT. For more details on payment options and our terms and conditions, please refer to our terms and conditions.


A good start is half the battle! During the course, you will bring your own makeup supplies and pins. Don’t have these at your disposal yet or are you looking for high quality in it? We also sell material at JDO Academy, please inquire with our teachers.

Make-up en hairstyling opleidingen van JDO Academy
Make-up school JDO Academy


During the training, you should provide your own models in a timely manner to practice on during class. Tip: ask friends and family around you or inform our teachers for more tips.

We would love to get to know you

We are curious about your needs and interest in the beauty and fashion industry. We would love to meet with you to answer all your questions or tell you more about our opportunities.

Stop by one of our evenings or schedule an online appointment to get acquainted!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does signing up work?

The registration process works through our registration form. The JDO Academy team will assist you with personal assistance during your registration and preparation.

Step 1: Register using the registration form

  • Fill out the registration form.
  • After registering, you will receive confirmation of your registration via email.
  • We will contact you for more information.

Step 2: Payment procedure

  • You will receive an invoice for the registration fee, package fee, and tuition.
  • Choose your payment method: pay all at once or choose an installment payment.

Step 3: Preparing for Takeoff

You will be sent all the necessary information via email, including the curriculum and other relevant details to successfully start your studies at JDO Academy.

JDO Academy is located in Amsterdam at the address below:

JDO Academy
August Allebéplein 1076
1076 AC Amsterdam

Free parking is available at the door on Sundays and every day after 7 p.m.

TIP: Enter “JDO Academy” on Google Maps, and it will take you to the right place in front of the door instead of the square. Please also communicate this to your models.

Assume a homework load of 3-4 hours per week such as practicing on your own models and making sketches and mood board in preparation for classes.

  • Immediate surroundings: we recommend asking your immediate surroundings first, think family, friends or neighbors. Perhaps they know someone who would also like to model for you.

  • Social media post: of course you can also use your own social media by sharing a post with a call. What can help in this is to tag @jdo-academy in your call so that we can also share it on our channel (note: this is only possible if you have a public profile).

  • Call in Facebook groups: there are also groups on Facebook where you can post calls that you are looking for a model to practice on. A fee is often expected in these, but it is not necessary. Be clear in your communication in this.

  • Addressing people: another perhaps more challenging option is to simply approach people on the street or on the road, but we understand that this can be a barrier.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply for student loans because JDO Academy is a private training institution.

At JDO Academy you are assured of quality and a high level. Upon completion, you will therefore receive our own JDO certificate, which we have deliberately chosen instead of an industry diploma. This is because we are proud of our CRBKO registration and the fact that 95% of our students pass. Upon completion, this will be awarded in recognition of your achievements and professionalism.

At JDO Academy, we stand for quality and consistency in our courses. Course materials are not included in the cost. While you are not required to work with our products, we encourage you to purchase our carefully curated packages. This not only ensures a high standard during training, but also ensures that we can assess all students equally. Should you need only part of the starter package, it is possible to order products separately.

Yes, if you enroll at JDO Academy, it is important that you bring a model to practice on at each class. However, if a professional photo shoot is included we will provide a professional model, this will be charged separately which we will specify on the invoice. In addition, it is essential that you also practice on models at home for your homework.

If you miss a class you can make it up in another season in consultation with our coordinator.