Hairstyling training

JDO Academy’s all-round Hairstyling Class will transform your cutting and styling skills to a professional level.

hairstyling opleidingen van JDO Academy


In the rapidly changing world of hairstyling, JDO Academy’s Hairstyling Class takes your techniques to a professional level. Under the guidance of active industry experts, you will explore the latest trends as well as the timeless techniques that every top stylist must master.

At JDO, it’s all about authentic growth and professionalism. In our compact classes, you get the personal attention you need. With hands-on sessions and a professional photo shoot, you will be prepared not only theoretically, but also practically. Whether you want to broaden your horizons in the salon, have ambitions in the fashion world or as a bridal stylist, JDO lays the all-round foundation for your future success.

Personal attention through small classes

Certificate CRBKO registered

Starting a professional portfolio

JDO Network and professional coaching

What you will learn

Hairstyling opleidingen van JDO Academy
Makeup en hairstyling opleidingen van JDO Academy

Included in this training

Teaching Program

Our training is not a simple hairstyling course, but a comprehensive education carefully designed for both novice hairstylists and experienced professionals who want to refine and expand their skills. In 8 intensive sessions, you will learn a wide range of topics, from basic tools and techniques to preparing for hands-on sessions and working with extensions and bridal hairstyles.

Makeup en hairstyling opleidingen van JDO Academy

Professional final shoot

A unique part of the course is the professional photo shoot. In fact, at the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to put your learned skills into practice under the eye of a professional photographer and with a professional model.

This experience, combined with owning professional photographs, is not only a boost to your self-confidence, but also a powerful start to a tangible portfolio. This way, you can immediately show potential clients and employers your expertise and creativity.

Makeup en hairstyling opleidingen van JDO Academy

Starting dates of hairstyling training

With only two exclusive starting moments per year in the early and late season, we offer a unique and high-quality learning experience, where personal attention and intensive guidance are key. So book your spot early and take a step towards a future as a professional hairstylist.

Daytime + Evening

Starts when Nov 10 is full
Daytime + Evening

Daytime + Evening

Starts when May 5 is full
Daytime + Evening



Jdo academy make-up en hairstyling school
Jdo academy make-up en hairstyling school
Jdo academy make-up en hairstyling school
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At the JDO Academy, we consider hairstyling not just a skill, but an expression of your personality and style. During your development as a stylist, you will inevitably encounter challenges; therefore, our guidance is individual and goal-oriented.

Our teachers are trained to look beyond just your technique. They support you in recognizing and enhancing your personal growth. Should you need additional support, our in-house coach is ready to work with you to determine a route that promotes both professional and personal growth.

Your future after JDO

Upon completing your education at JDO Academy, you will be prepared to shine in the world of hairstyling. Not only will you receive a recognized certificate and have created a professional portfolio, but you will also benefit from our extensive network and numerous opportunities in the industry.

Do you have the passion and flair to make a difference? After careful selection, you may have the opportunity to join our JDO Talent Agency. We also facilitate internships in leading salons and strive to match you with top positions, such as hairstylist for exclusive brands or backstage professional at fashion shows.

Make-up en hairstyling opleidingen van JDO Academy


The total training cost for the Hairstyling Class is €2,855. The amount consists of €2,700 tuition, which as an educational institution is VAT-free, and of €155 for a professional model which does include VAT and is therefore billed separately.

Upon registration, we require a deposit of €199 as a registration fee, which will later be offset against the remaining tuition of €2,501.

If you choose to purchase the recommended JDO Hairstyling Package, see below, these costs will also be billed separately including VAT.

Tuition payment options.

  • If you pay in one lump sum, you will receive a 5% discount on the tuition fee of €2,700.
  • Spread payment in 4 installments of €675 per installment via direct debit, starting immediately upon registration.
  • Spread payment in 12 installments of €225 per installment via direct debit, starting immediately upon registration.

For more details on payment options and our terms and conditions, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Duo discount

If you take both courses, the Make-up Artist Class and the Hairstyling Class, together within 12 months, you will receive a €350 discount on your second course.


A good start is half the battle! For aspiring hairstylists, we present the exclusive JDO Hairstyling Package.

The carefully curated package offers a wide selection of tools and products: from practice heads, stands and various brushes and combs to advanced styling devices such as curling irons and blow dryers. There is also an assortment of styling products such as saltspray, hairspray and dry shampoo to perfect any creation.

For only €1110, including VAT, you will have all the essential materials a starting hairstylist needs. Of course, students are also free to purchase their materials independently. Choose the desired choice when registering.

hairstyling opleidingen van JDO Academy
hairstyling opleidingen van JDO Academy


During classes and home exercises, you will use a practice head, included in our JDO Hairstyling package or bring your own. Are you already a very experienced hairstylist? Consult with us about the possibility of bringing your own model.

For the closing final shoot JDO Academy provides a professional model which is included in the total training fee. This ensures a representative photo in your portfolio, which increases the chance of publication of your work.

We'd love to get to know you

We are curious about your needs and interest in the hairstyling industry. We would love to meet to answer all your questions or tell you more about our capabilities.

Stop by one of our evenings or schedule an online appointment to get acquainted!

Locatie JDO Academy haar en make-up school

Chair rental at JDO Salon

After completing your training at JDO Academy, we offer the unique opportunity to rent a chair at JDO Salon. This allows you to serve your clients in a professional environment, manage your own schedule and further your career as a hairdresser or hairstylist.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does signing up work?

The registration process for our training and courses has been streamlined to make it as simple and clear as possible for you. Below is a detailed roadmap on how to register for the ‘Make-up Artist Class’ and ‘Hairstyling Class’ and what to expect after you register. For other courses and trainings, such as Private Training, Hairdresser’s Visage, and Salon Training, the enrollment process is often manual. The JDO Academy team will assist you with personal assistance throughout your enrollment and preparation.

Step 1: Registration

  • Choose your desired program or course and complete the registration form.
  • After registering, you will receive confirmation of your registration via email.

Step 2: Payment procedure

  • You will receive an invoice for the registration fee, package fee, and tuition.
  • Choose your payment method: pay all at once or choose an installment payment.
    • With a one-time payment, you pay the total amount at once.
    • Do you choose installment payment? Then the amount will be deducted automatically and periodically via direct debit.

Step 3: Preparing for Takeoff

You will be sent all the necessary information via email, including the curriculum and other relevant details to successfully start your studies at JDO Academy.

  • Long hair practice head
    Tripod Stand for Practice Head

  • Point comb

  • Denman Brush

  • Padle brush

  • Maison and pearson brush

  • Comb

  • Curling iron with valve
    Curling iron with 5 different attachments

  • Hairdryer with diffuser

  • Round hairdryer brushes 2 Different sizes

  • Stork clips

  • boucle clips

  • Brace rubber bands

  • U pins small

  • U pins large

  • Sliders blond short

  • Sliders Brown Short


  • Saltspray

  • Hairspray

  • Powder

  • Serum

  • Mouse

  • Gel/wax


JDO Academy is located in Amsterdam at the address below:

JDO Academy
August Allebéplein 1076
1076 AC Amsterdam

Free parking is available at the door on Sundays and every day after 7 p.m.

TIP: Enter “JDO Academy” on Google Maps, and it will take you to the right place in front of the door instead of the square. Please also communicate this to your models.

We do not handle homework for the Hairstyling Class, but do recommend practicing what you have learned at home.

No, when you take hairstyling training or education, you usually practice on a practice head. Are you already an experienced hairstylist? Then bringing a model is allowed, but please consult with us first.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply for student loans because JDO Academy is a private training institution.

At JDO Academy you are assured of quality and a high level. Upon completion, you will therefore receive our own JDO certificate, which we have deliberately chosen instead of an industry diploma. This is because we are proud of our CRBKO registration and the fact that 95% of our students pass. Upon completion, this will be awarded in recognition of your achievements and professionalism.

At JDO Academy, we stand for quality and consistency in our courses. Course materials are not included in the cost. While you are not required to work with our products, we encourage you to purchase our carefully curated packages. This not only ensures a high standard during training, but also ensures that we can assess all students equally. Should you need only part of the starter package, it is possible to order products separately.

If you miss a class you can make it up in another season in consultation with our coordinator.