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Strengthen your salon with leading techniques and innovative insights through JDO Academy’s salon training programs.

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At JDO Academy, we transform passion for hair and makeup into mastery in the salon. Our customized salon training courses encourage creativity and craftsmanship, allowing salons to take their service to the next level.

Each program, from hairstyling to makeup, is designed to optimize team performance and provide an unparalleled client experience. With a blend of education, inspiration and development, your salon positions itself as an industry leader.

Training in your own salon or at JDO Academy

Lessons from leading experts in beauty and fashion

Hands-on sessions for immediately applicable skills

Personal attention with individual guidance

What you learn

Salon training Haar en make-up school JDO Academy
Hairstyling training JDO Academy Amsterdam

Included in this training

Please note: material and models are not included. Read the options below under ‘costs’!

Curriculum of salon training

At JDO Academy, you’ll discover a variety of salon training courses ranging from contemporary hairstyling to specific makeup techniques. Whether you choose color training, modern hairstyling or photo shoot preparation, there is always a perfect match for your salon needs. Request our brochure and find out more about the different training courses.





Balayage salon training JDO Academy

Our educators

The educators behind JDO Academy’s salon training programs are more than just trainers; they are passionate experts in their field. With backgrounds ranging from international Hair & Makeup Artistry to winning prestigious awards, they bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and inspiration directly to your salon.

Founder and educator: Juliette den Ouden ​

Juliette den Ouden is a passionate entrepreneur and international Hair & Make-up Artist and awarded as ‘Hairdresser of the Year’ at the Coiffure Awards 2021. She is known as the founder of JDO Group and recognized as one of the top 10 Make-up Artists worldwide.

Juliette den Ouden founder JDO Academy

EDUCATOR: Sabrina Dijkman

Hair & Make-up Artist Sabrina Dijkman is a dedicated expert in Hair & Beauty, with an impressive portfolio that includes TV, fashion shows and glossy magazines. Her passion for teaching is as boundless as her craftsmanship.

Sabrina Dijkman Educator JDO Academy


Lily Ong is a young, dynamic entrepreneur with a credo of limitless possibilities. She has been active in the hairdressing profession since the age of 15 and is both an experienced hairstylist, color specialist, makeup artist and educator.

Lily Ong Educator JDO Academy

EDUCATOR: Chantal van 't Hof

Chantal van ‘t Hof has been passionate about hair and makeup since a young age. She has developed from an experienced hairdresser to a skilled make-up artist and educator. Her career includes work at leading salons, participation in photo shoots and shows. 

Chantal van 't Hoff Educator JDO Academy


Jdo academy make-up en hairstyling school
Jdo academy make-up en hairstyling school
Jdo academy make-up en hairstyling school
Hairstyling en Make-up School JDO Academy

Personal attention with optimal guidance

Our trainers at JDO Academy stand for personal attention and optimal guidance. We challenge you to further develop your talent and creativity at your own level. To be able to offer this quality, in larger groups of 8 or more participants, two trainers are deployed per training day to optimally guide your team.

Registration is available for groups of four or more. Enjoy special discounts for groups of five or more.

Further learning at JDO

At JDO Academy, learning never stops after one training session. After completing our salon training courses, we invite you to continue your journey into the world of beauty and style. Dive deeper into the field with our specialized training courses in makeup and hairstyling.

Whether you are a novice enthusiast or an experienced professional, at JDO we offer a wide range of courses that will take your skills to the next level. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your expertise and boost your career in the beauty industry.

JDO Management Creative artist Agency

Customized trainings, price on request

Investing in quality and expertise is always worthwhile. At JDO Academy, we ensure this quality in every training and session we offer. The cost of our salon training sessions is upon request, so we can work together to find the best option to fit your specific needs.

In addition, we offer the ability to customize trainings to perfectly fit your salon and team. Contact us to receive a detailed cost breakdown and discover how we can personalize your learning journey.

Material and models

A good start is half the battle! A good start is half the battle! For our salon trainings, it is essential that participants provide their own makeup, model or dollhead, stand and other materials; these are not included.

Fortunately JDO Academy does offer the possibility to order or rent the necessary equipment, so that every participant can start the training optimally prepared. Please inquire about the possibilities with your request.

Make-up en hairstyling opleidingen van JDO Academy

We'd love to get to know you

We are curious about your needs and interests as a salon manager or owner. We would love to meet to answer all your questions or tell you more about our capabilities.

Stop by one of our evenings or schedule an online appointment to get acquainted!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does signing up work?

For Salon training, the registration procedure is manual. You sign up through the registration form and receive a confirmation of this. After this, the JDO Academy team will assist you with personal assistance about the salon training.

JDO Academy is located in Amsterdam at the address below:

JDO Academy
August Allebéplein 1076
1076 AC Amsterdam

Free parking is available at the door on Sundays and every day after 7 p.m.

TIP: Enter “JDO Academy” on Google Maps, and it will take you to the right place in front of the door instead of the square. Please also communicate this to your models.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply for student loans because JDO Academy is a private training institution.

At JDO Academy you are assured of quality and a high level. Upon completion, you will therefore receive our own JDO certificate, which we have deliberately chosen instead of an industry diploma. This is because we are proud of our CRBKO registration and the fact that 95% of our students pass. Upon completion, this will be awarded in recognition of your achievements and professionalism.

At JDO Academy, we stand for quality and consistency in our courses. Course materials are not included in the cost. While you are not required to work with our products, we encourage you to purchase our carefully curated packages. This not only ensures a high standard during training, but also ensures that we can assess all students equally. Should you need only part of the starter package, it is possible to order products separately.

Yes, if you enroll in makeup training at JDO Academy, it is important that you bring a model to practice on at each class. However, for photo shoots we provide a professional model whose cost is included in the total training fee, but which we bill separately including VAT. In addition, it is essential that you also practice on models at home for your homework.

For those taking hairstyling training: you usually practice on a practice head. Are you already an experienced hairstylist? Then bringing a model with you is allowed.