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We regret to inform you that the government has decided to suspend the Stap-budget program starting in 2024. Consequently, you will no longer be eligible for Stap-budget funding for our courses and training programs.

Additionally, due to recently tightened government measures, there will be no Stap-budget available for our educational programs in 2023.

JDO Academy, Make-up & Hairstyling school Amsterdam
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Our courses, Make-up Artist Class, Basic Make-up Class, and Hairstyling Class, are CRKBO and NRTO certified.

NRTO Code of Conduct


Do you have a passion for make-up and want to turn it into your profession? Then “The Make-up Artist Class” is the perfect fit for you!

Over the course of sixteen lessons, you’ll work step-by-step on your techniques, skills, and knowledge. At JDO Academy, you’ll receive fast, efficient, and expert guidance to become a skilled Make-up Artist.

JDO Academy, Make-up & Hairstyling school Amsterdam


JDO Academy’s Hairstyling Class is mainly designed for hairdressers and Make-up Artists who want to specialize further in Hairstyling!

During this Hairstyling Class, you’ll learn all the techniques you need to become a skilled Hairstylist. Over 8 sessions during the Hairstyling Bootcamp, you’ll be trained to become a Hairstylist.

JDO Academy, Make-up school Amsterdam


Interested in learning about the world of Make-up? Then follow JDO Academy’s 3-day Basic Make-up Class!

Are you a hairdresser, beautician, or interested in expanding your knowledge of beauty care? Do you want to add or expand your services with make-up? Discover it in our basic training.

JDO Academy, Make-up school
JDO Academy


Are you interested in developing your skills in make-up or even hairstyling? Then JDO Academy is the place to be!

JDO Academy has its own curriculum, developed by founder and award-winning international Hair & Make-up Artist Juliette den Ouden.

Based on Juliette’s vision and experience, we believe that everyone with creativity and passion can become a Hair & Make-Up Artist. Classes at JDO Academy are small and there is plenty of room for individual attention for both professional and personal development. This ensures that everyone can start at their own level and has their own learning curve.

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