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Juliette den Ouden (known as the Hairdrtesser of the Year) started the JDO Academy in 2015 from the need to share her knowledge and experiences. With over 20 years of experience in the national and international Fashion & Beauty industry, she knows exactly what you need to grow.

JDO Academy has its own teaching program, developed by Juliette from her own vision and experience. The love and passion that Juliette has for her profession speaks for itself when you work with her. She sees the authentic properties and thus enhances your ultimate beauty. Without ever feeling like she’s done learning, Juliette keeps evolving by developing new trends and coming up with new creative concepts. You can also learn this through a self-developed training program by Juliette.

Anyone with creativity and passion is suitable to become a Hair & Make-Up Artist. A number of important factors play a role here, such as knowing and mastering the basic elements, analyzing and dissecting the techniques used in an existing look, recognizing the correct lines and shapes and what you can do with them.

The classes at JDO Academy are small and there is a lot of room for individual attention for both professional and personal development. This ensures that everyone can start at their own level and has their own learning curve.

Within JDO Academy there are many options for further development; in addition to the courses, you can also follow masterclasses and workshops lasting several days.

Besides passing on her love for the profession through the JDO Academy, Juliette is the ambassador of Hairdresser Without Borders. This trains women in developing countries to offer them a better future by teaching the women her skills. This offers the women the opportunity to work, but building more self-confidence also plays a major role.

In addition to her work for Hairdressers Without Borders, Juliette also advocates for the beauty of vitiligo and albinism and received a press award for this project, which exhibited in Miami.

During her career, Juliette has received 18 awards and more than 30 nominations for her work. She is in the Top 10 of Best Makeup Artist in the World, took third place at Men’s AIPP Hairdressers Worldwide, and recently she become the Hairdresser of the Year at the Coiffure Awards.

JDO Academy is part of the JDO Group. This creative platform consists, in addition to the Academy, of the following divisions:
– JDO Salon
– JDO Talent Agency
– JDO Management
Are you studying at JDO Academy and do you want to continue in the Fashion & Beauty industry? Then you can be added to our agency (after a selection procedure).


Figaro Awards 2022

1th Collection International

IH Awards 2023

Nominated International Hairdresser of the year

Oneshot hairawards 2022

1th Haircut shot of the year

Coiffure Awards 2022

1th Category Women North, 1th Press and 2nd Men North

Aipp Awards 2022

3rth category Best Men of the world

IH Awards 2022

Nominated Hairdresser of the Year

Coiffure Awards 2020-21

Hairdresser of the Year

Coiffure Awards 2020-21

1st category Ladies North |  2nd category Men North | 2nd nominated category Pers

AIPP Award 2019

Nominated Best Commercial | Nominated Best Men

Oneshot Awards 2019

Top 5 International, Best Men Hairdresser

Coiffure Awards 2019

1st prize category Men North | 1st prize category Pers

Coiffure Awards 2018

3rd prize category Ladies South

AIPP Worldwide 2017

3de prijs Best Men Hairdresser

Coiffure award 2017

1st prize Category Men South | 2nd prize Category Ladies South

Coiffure awards 2016

2nd prize Category Ladies South

Pearl Event (Darkskin Make-Up Contest):

1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize – Students of JDO Academy

NaHa, North America Hairdressers Award 2016

Nomination Master Hairstylist of the Year (Visagie) | Nomination Salon Team Finalist – Ammon Carver Studio (Visagie)

Coiffure Awards 2015

3rd prize Category Ladies South Holland | Nominated Consumer Award

Coiffure Awards 2014

Nominated Avant Garde

Wereldkampioenschappen Visagie 2014

6th prize (top 10 worldwide)

Make-up Awards 2013

1st prize

Coiffure Awards 2013

Nominated Ladies South Holland

Make-up Awards 2012

1st prize public award | 2nd prize professional jury

Nederlands Kampioen Visagie 2006

1st prize Category Catwalk

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