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JDO Academy, Make-up school Amsterdam


JDO Academy consists a close team of professionals who work behind the scenes on assignments and shoots every day. They share their knowledge and experience with new talent. Meet these lovely employees!

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JDO Academy, Make-up school Amsterdam
Juliette den Ouden Founder JDO Academy
Juliette den Ouden Founder JDO Academy

Juliëtte den Ouden

Founder & leading educator JDO academy

Juliette works as an award-winning international Hair & Make-up Artist and founder of the JDO Group of which JDO Academy is part.

She is a trend developer and takes care of the hair and make-up for renowned shoots, magazines, and celebrities.

Juliette has a big passion for her work as an international Hair and Make-up artist and also for educating and training others.

This was one of the reasons why she started the Academy 10 years ago. JDO Academy has now grown into a renowned Academy where many have successfully graduated and are now working in the fashion/beauty industry.

Juliette also likes to work for charities.

She is the Ambassador of Hairdressers Without Borders and has her own foundation called “Unity for Albinism” with which she supports projects for people with Albinism in Africa.

Lily Bok Lang Ong Docent JDO Academy

Lily Bok-Lan Ong


Lily is one of the educators at JDO Academy. She is an experienced Hair & Make-up artist and works in the salon as a hairstylist and color specialist.

Lily knew from childhood that she wanted to work as a hairdresser. After her education, she was still learning and wanted to learn more. Although she had already learned a lot about hair styling and makeup, she did not yet have the confidence to believe in her quality in this area. Eventually, she joined the JDO Academy and here she confidently developed herself into a hair & make-up artist and fully-fledged educator!

Lily thinks it’s important that students also experience such growth and learn to be confident in their talent. Her friendly and calm demeanor makes it easy for students to come to her to ask questions, and she always makes sure she helps them well.

Outside of her work as an educator, Lily works independently as a hairdresser and color specialist in her hometown of Utrecht. She is technically very strong and also very creative; a good combination!

She also works as a hairstylist and make-up artist for photo shoots and fashion shows.

In her spare time, Lily likes to be creative and write and draw in her journal or read a good book. She loves to travel and likes to go to Spain. ‘Live a little’, enjoying life but also daring to step out of your comfort zone is important to Lily. She likes to help students take on that challenge!

Lily Bok Lang Ong Docent JDO Academy
Hulya Aydos JDO Academy
Hulya Aydos JDO Academy

Hulya Aydos

Account manager

Hulya is the first point of contact for all our students, customers, and partners.

She is responsible for JDO Academy behind the scenes. Also she is a photographer and takes beautiful pictures during the lessons!

Hulya is the mother of the Academy and makes students feel at home.

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